SKYNET D2D (Drone-to-Drone) is the breaking concept of drone defense technology. SKYNET D2D is no longer a passive solution waiting for the intruder to approach your sites and neutralize them. D2D technology allows you to force a targeted landing with the NLOS range.


Product weight 22.5Kg
Operation time 17 minutes
Standby time 1 hour
Frequency band Channel 1:1.56 GHz – 1.63 GHz
Channel 2:2.4 GHz – 2.53 GHz
Channel 3:5.7 GHz – 5.91 GHz
Flight range Up to 5 Km
Ground Control Station Up to 5 Km, Real-Time Live Video Transmission
Jamming Effective Range Up to 300 m
(clear of interference, unblocked condition)


  1. EU EC Certification
  2. Operator Safety Certificate issued by NATO Member States (Report NO. 6/ZAZE/K/2017)
  3. Dust-proof and waterproof grade IP43 certification