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Drones Company

As a pioneer in UAV and counter drone systems, DronesVision Inc. is dedicated to the development an manufacture of UAV and counter drone systems. We believe that only experienced drone companies can clearly

The mission of DronesVision is to open up a new blue ocean, marketing its own branded Drones and Anti- Drone Systems to the corners of the world, also enabling Taiwan’s manufacturing products to reach the national defense and aerospace industries.

SKYNET Anti-Drone System

Privacy Protection

Stops private inspectors from using drones to inspect or investigate.

Airport Security

Drone pilots irresponsibly fly in civilian freight aviation zones is one of the main threats to airport security.


Flight Safety

Oil Refinery Safety

VIP Protection

Protect your area in just 3 steps

SKYNET ADS Working Process


When UAV target appears

  • Airport
  • Oil Refinery
  • Military District
  • Private Territory

The target appears you can fast to use SKYNET ADS.

SKYNET ADS use a magazine battery, it only takes 1 second to install and boot.


Jammer mode selection

Single mode 1: Disable GPS, GNSS 

Single mode 2: Disable remote control/video transmission, 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz  – 

  Dual mode: Disable both GPS, GNSS & remote/video transmission: 2.4GHz &

  5.8GHz  – disable GPS, disconnect remote control and stop video transmission at the

 Same time and force a targeted drone to land (shot a drone down)


Defense Completion

Use SKYNET ADS to aim at that target.

SKYNET ADS Will respond quickly to protect the area.

In areas affected by drones, we have completed 4,000 + times defense capabilities.


Drone & Anti-Drone


The TR-2 flight time is more than one hour, and it is a system for the longest flight with pure electricity.Camera devices can be replaced, with automatic flight path planning and multiple fail-safe designs.


The AR-1 can be equipped with 5.56mm rifle, 9mm machine gun, grenade launcher.Our sense of curiosity brings brands to life. gets them talking, and makes sure they’re heard above problem solvers.


SKYNET ADS can block hostile drones’ video transmission/GPS signal, force them to return, or land on the ground immediately. With SKYNET ADS deployment, your aero zone will be entirely secured!


SKYNET D2D is no longer a passive solution waiting for the intruder to approach your sites and neutralize them. D2D technology allows you to force a targeted landing with the NLOS range.

Deep Learning Drone Platfrom

The education drone is designed for a foldable six-rotor drone. The width of the drone is reduced by 60% after folding. The drone has a specially designed backpack for easy carrying and rapid deployment.

Customized Service

We are professional manufacturer of customized Drone & Anti-Drone products.