TR-2 is a long endurance scout rotor. It’s a foldable design for quick deployment. For decades, military and law enforcement units rely on kinds of helicopters to take various tasks, such as rescue, reconnaissance, and even tactical assaulting. However, it takes long flight time for a chopper from its base to the accident scene. Besides, the cost of helicopter operation is really high. Therefore, a rapid and cost-effective method of aerial operation deployment is always in urgent need.


Performance Parameters
Total weight7.5kg
Flight time60 minutes+
Flight range5 Km+
Flight Controllers
Built-in FunctionBuilt-in PMU
Intelligent flight modes
Low voltage pretection
Motor overland detection
External SBUS receiver
Flight performanceMaximum wing resistance : < 10 m/s
Maximum yaw angular velocity : 150 deg/s
Maximum tilt angle : 35°
Ascent/ descent : ascent : 5m/s; descent : 4m/s
Frame & Propulsion Systems
Aircraft frameFolding design fully carbon fiber
Propellers28 Inch