DronesVision Inc. proudly presents SKYNET ADS, Anti-Drone System, from scratch-built to production in Taiwan. By its futuristic firearm shape and ergonomic design, it is easy to operate for an infantry or security guard. Within the effective range, SKYNET ADS can block hostile drones’ video transmission/GPS signal, force them to return, or land on the ground immediately. With SKYNET ADS deployment, your aero zone will be entirely secured!


Product weight 5Kg
Operation time 30 minutes
Standby time 8 hours
Frequency band Channel 1:1.56 GHz – 1.63 GHz
Channel 2:2.4 GHz – 2.53 GHz
Channel 3:5.7 GHz – 5.91 GHz
Effective range Up to 2 Km
Working temperature  
Optical gunsight Optional


  1. EU EC Certification
  2. Operator Safety Certificate issued by NATO Member States (Report NO. 6/ZAZE/K/2017)
  3. Dust-proof and waterproof grade IP43 certification