As a pioneer in drone (sub-Unmanned Aerial Systems, sUAS) and counter-drone systems, DronesVision Inc. is dedicated to the development and manufacture of drones and counter-drone systems. We believe that only experienced drone companies can clearly understand how to counter unmanned aircraft systems. We are also the official distributor of DJI, FreeFly, LawMate, and other well-known drone product brands.

  • Drones System- With decades experiences of designing multi-rotors, we also provide customized service.
  • Counter Drone System-SKYNET is well known for its wide use in all military airports and military departments at home and abroad.

The strength of DronesVision lies in accumulating the experience of cooperation with the Taiwanese military and government for more than 20 years. It used to be a contractor specializing in large-scale airport surveillance systems and urban surveillance systems. The company is also a pioneer in the use of wireless imaging technology as waste site management to establish CCTV systems.