As a pioneer in UAV and counter-drone systems, DronesVision Inc. is dedicated to the development and manufacture of UAV and counter-drone systems. We believe that only experienced drone companies can clearly understand how to counter unmanned aircraft systems.

2010, DronesVision started the cross-border e-shop“” to support UAS developers around the world.

2014, launched SKYNET Andi-drone System , now widely deployed by most military units.

2016, entered defense system solution projects.

2017, SKYNET Anti-Drone Gun Systems were provided to Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense to fight against drone bombs from Yemen rebels, to protect Patriot Missile compounds, and oil fields. In the mean time, the long-term reconnaissance rotor TR-1 started (currently named TR-2).

2018, the development of the armed drone AR-1 was started. The utility model patent of remote firing controller was obtained and the live-fire shooting test was successfully completed.

2019, AR-1 obtained the invention patent of remote firing controller, and can mount counter drone system to suppress and chase intruding drones. The company‘s vision is to develop Drone-to-Drone (D2D) application models with UAV and counter drone system.

The mission of DronesVision is to open up a new blue ocean, marketing its own branded UAVs and anti-UAV systems to the corners of the world, also enabling Taiwan’s manufacturing products to reach the national defense and aerospace industries.